Karnataka Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer's Association

KDPMA has embarked on an 'awareness program' to find a rightful place for the well-developed drugs and pharmaceutical industry on Karnataka's industrial road map. KDPMA will continue to work with the Governement to establish priority sector status to drugs and pharmaceutical industry. KDPMA will continue to prevail on the Government to address the IPR issues on drugs and pharmaceutical based on bio-diversity, biotechnology, as well as newer chemistry based drugs.


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Welcome to KDPMA

Karnataka Drugs and Pharmacetuticals Manufacturers' Association (KDPMA) was founded in 1965 ( as an informal association) and registered in 1998. Today KDPMA is the flagship association of pharmaceutical manufacturers. KDPMA has around 65 members companies comprising of small, medium and large scale units including multinationals and Govt enterprises operating in Karnataka.

  • To promote fellowship, unity and cooperation among the Drugs and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of the state in general and among the members of the Association in particular.
  • To promote the adoption of Good Manufacturing Practices, sound quality control measures and ethical trade practices by the Drugs & Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.
  • To safeguard and promote the interests of the Drugs & Pharmaceutical Industry in the state and to take and pursue such steps as may be necessary or feasible in pursuance of this objective.


Objectives and Activities

To promote fellowship, unity and cooperation among the Drugs and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of the State in general and among the members of the Association in particular. To safeguard and promote the interest of the Drugs and Pharmaceutical industry in the State, and to take required steps that are necessary and feasible in pursuance of this objective. To spread technical, commercial, and industrial knowledge among the Drugs and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of the State by, conducting lectures, talks, seminars, symposium, conference, cinema shows etc.

The Way Forward

KDPMA will continue to work hard to create a greater presence of the Karnataka Pharmaceutical industry, on the international map. The association, with due recognition and back up from the State Government, plans various initiatives to attract new investment that generate fresh employment opportunities in the state, step-up research and development activities to enhance intellectual brand equity of the state and also to enhance the state's 8% share of turnover and exports to 15% on the Indian scene in the next five years. The ultimate aim of the association remains to substantially contribute towards the Rs.1,50,000 crore potential export and domestic market and make Karnataka a much bigger global destination for the Pharma industry.

Significant Initiatives

KDPMA conducts various workshops, seminars, technical sessions to educate members and theirtechnical staff on the need to implement Schedule M and Good Manufacturing Practice. With the support and guidance of Drugs Control Officers, Karnataka became amongst the first state in the country to have Schedule M compliant units. KDPMA nominee was invited to represent its members in the Regional Advisory Council of Central Excise, which helped to present and sort out many excise matters. KDPMA nominee were invited to various government committees.
KDPMA inaugurated its own secretariat in Central Business District Bangalore on February 9th 2002. KDPMA engages in International regulatory Agencies like USFDA, MHRA, MCC, WHO etc., to sensitize its members on the global regulatory requirements for exports. KDPMA successfully engaged with DCGI to post an ADC Customs at Bangalore airportto facilitate exports and Imports. The efforts of KDPMA were successful in opening of the CDSCO sub zone office in Bangalore to facilitate issuance of various certificates required for exports.